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We are Total Spectrum.

Steve Gordon announced in December 2014 that he was pulling back after 36 years in campaign politics to form Total Spectrum/Steve Gordon and Associates. The original vision for Total Spectrum was to build a public affairs firm that used the best principles of advocacy, research, communications, and political engagement in key states and the federal government. Total Spectrum’s original goal was to achieve its clients’ goals and to earn the trust of its clients every day.

That vision became Total Spectrum Advocacy, which now has offices in Washington, D.C., Arizona, Georgia, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and also operates in Minnesota, Colorado, California, Nevada, Washington, and Idaho. Our team of professionals offer advocacy, focused communications, and the knowledge and relationships that have been acquired both in and outside of government in areas as diverse as healthcare, tax, telecommunications, financial services, education, infrastructure, and many others.

In 2021 we added Total Spectrum Business Development, which blends Total Spectrum’s legislative and regulatory advocacy services with the relationships, tools, and knowledge that allow our clients to anticipate, adopt, expand, and take advantage of new opportunities in the marketplace. We’re focused on the growth and expansion of our clients.

We created in 2020 Total Spectrum Spotlight in conjunction with our great friends at the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Spotlight and our companion newsletter This Week in Washington are produced for the Arizona Chamber, and are later distributed to an exclusive list of clients and colleagues. This Week and Spotlight provide insider access to newsmakers and decision makers, while distilling complicated information so business leaders can assess, analyze, and understand what’s really happening in Washington.

We’ve grown a great deal over just a few years, but the vision and objectives we established for Total Spectrum in 2015 remain the same today. Our primary goal is to achieve our clients’ goals and to earn the trust of our clients each and every day.

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