Total Spectrum Business Development (TSBD)

Helping organizations grow and take advantage of new business opportunities

Businesses that want to grow and expand need advisors with the technical and financial tools, knowledge, experiences, and relationships to help them achieve their desired growth.

Total Spectrum Business Development (TSBD) is a business advisory firm focused on advancing its clients’ growth and expansion strategies by leveraging decades of industry experience in the business and political arenas. TSBD is designed to help organizations develop business and financial strategies and leverage relationships that are vital to create successful top and bottom-line growth.

Total Spectrum Business Development’s Advisory Agenda rests on four pillars:

Business Advisory

  • Business Needs Assessment
  • Market opportunity analysis
  • Financial feasibility assessments
  • Strategy roadmapping
  • Strategy implementation and management follow-through

Financial Resources

  • Financing options ranging from traditional to state and federal grant opportunities
  • Grant writing
  • Communications development
  • Manufacturing resources and tax credits

Operational Development

  • Localized resourcing of vendors and facilities
  • Process Improvement
  • Supplier cost reduction
  • Supplier negotiations
  • Outsourcing / Offshoring / Nearshoring

Policy & Regulatory Guidance

  • Expertise in navigating the political process
  • Insight into laws and regulations and identifying opportunities
  • Policy advocacy to protect your business and shape your industry

Our Experience

Total Spectrum Business Development takes the policy knowledge, experience, and political skills of Total Spectrum and combines them with business and financial knowledge, analytical skills, and relationships. Our goal is to help clients achieve their goals by anticipating, adopting, expanding, and taking advantage of new opportunities.

The team assembled for our Native American Business Development Unit holds a strong a expertise in commercial-sized solar farms and a variety of other economic development projects.

Native American Business Development

Steve Gordon has seen how lives can be changed through programs that create private sector economic growth and new opportunities for individual growth. His commitment to do his part by giving back drove him to begin working in 2021 with the White Earth Nation in northern Minnesota as they explored clean energy development. This project spurred the creation of Total Spectrum’s Native American Business Development Unit in 2022.

Our Project Manager is Terry Bohl, America’s foremost expert in the development of commercial-sized solar on Native American reservations. Terry has developed a dozen solar projects on reservations, creating more than 3.9 kWh and 1200 kWh of battery storage. Terry has perfected a system that shortened the development process from three years to one year, and he standardized methods and techniques that are designed to return maximum to the Tribe and its enrollees. He also has great experience developing destination entertainment centers, travel plazas, and other business development projects.

Douglas Lee is an entrepreneur and an experienced Tribal leader. He is an enrollee of the White Earth Nation, where he has served since 2018 as a delegate to the Minnesota Chippewa Constitution Convention and was the Delegation Chair from 2019 to 2021. He has been a leader on the Total Spectrum Green Team that developed plans for the White Earth Nation to invest in clean energy production. Clean energy development on reservations is just one avenue for creating economic growth, jobs, and growth opportunities for Native American Nations. Total Spectrum Business Development is committed to helping achieve those goals.

Advisory Practices
  • Business Advisory
  • Financial Resources
  • Operational Development
  • Policy & Regulatory Guidance
Advisory Capabilities
  • Relationship Building
  • Financing, Loan and Grant Opportunities
  • Financial Analysis
  • Business Needs Assessment
  • Navigating the Political Process

Our Business Development Team

Steve Gordon
Steve Gordon
Managing Partner
Dana M. Marston
Dana M. Marston
Partner and Chief Administration Officer
Douglas Lee
Douglas Lee
Director, Tribal Energy Commercial Development
Terry Bohl
Terry Bohl
Project Manager, Tribal Energy Commercial Development

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