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CFPB narrows sights on revenue from overdraft and non-sufficient funds charges

December 2, 2021

A recent report by the CFPB that shows that banks rely heavily on overdraft and non-sufficient funds (NSF) revenue, per a December 1 article by CU Today, a credit union industry trade publication. John McKechnie, Total Spectrum Senior Partner and longtime representative of credit unions and other financial institutions, is quoted in the article, offering that “[n]ew regulations aimed at overdrafts have been inevitable since there was a change in leadership at CFPB earlier this year. Plus, the marketplace is evolving rapidly in the direction of eliminated or restricted ODP. The challenge for credit unions will be to deal with this changing environment, and our track record of being responsive to consumer needs will come in handy here.”

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Opinion:  The Biden 15 percent global tax puts foreign companies ahead of American workers

July 28, 2021

Total Spectrum strategic consultant and former congressman Erik Paulsen writes about the President’s global minimum corporate tax proposal and the disadvantages it will place upon American companies and workers, as published by The Hill.

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Debate over big tax increase stalling progress on infrastructure package

June 10, 2021

In a glimmer of hope for American businesses, President Joe Biden’s administration appears to be steering away from hardline Democrats who want to impose the highest corporate income tax in the industrial world — 28 percent. Total Spectrum Strategic Consultant and former Congressman Erik Paulsen cautions that this doesn’t necessarily mean the the threat of a harmful increase is going away anytime soon. “It’s good that the new administration is floating new ideas as alternatives rather than just a straight increase to 28 percent, which is what many Democrats in the House and Senate would still like to see,” said Paulsen, a former leading member of the chief tax writing House Ways and Means Committee.

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Opinion:  President Biden’s Proposed Tax Increases on the Wealthy Will Impact Many Who Are Not

May 19, 2021

Congressman Erik Paulsen breaks down some of President Biden's proposed tax increases on individuals and households and how they will hit – and hurt – a great many middle-income families.

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Opinion: Biden’s Estate Tax Plans Would Hit Middle Income Families and Impact Many Family Businesses

May 3, 2021

Total Spectrum strategic consultant and former congressman Erik Paulsen writes about the President’s estate tax proposal and the impact it will have on family businesses, ranches, and farms, as published by The Well News.

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Opinion:  Small Business Facing New Challenges

March 23, 2021

Total Spectrum Strategic Consultant Congressman Erik Paulsen shines a light on some of the programs that have given America's small businesses some respite during and after the pandemic, and a few policy proposals that may hurt them exactly when they can stand it least.

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Opinion: Tax increases are the wrong medicine for our struggling economy

March 5, 2021

Total Spectrum strategic consultant and former congressman Erik Paulsen writes in the Washington Examiner why raising taxes puts American workers and businesses at risk.

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John McKechnie joins DCUC Webinar on Federal Affairs

February 25, 2021

John McKechnie, Total Spectrum Senior Partner joined Tony Hernandez, Defense Credit Union Council (DCUC) President & CEO, for a discussion on the latest in topics that affect credit union operations on military installations. They were also joined by Congressman Anthony Brown (D-MD 4), NCUA Chairman Todd Harper, and other special guests who shared their valuable expertise. DCUC is the premier defense trade association representing the interests of defense credit unions serving the U.S. Armed Forces worldwide. NCUA, National Credit Union Administration, is the federal agency responsible for regulating and insuring the Nation’s credit unions.

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Parents fight for justice after son’s murder, securing Maryland policies to his legacy

January 19, 2021

After their son, 2nd Lt. Richard Collins III, was killed days before graduating from Bowie State University, parents Dawn and Rick Collins vowed to protect future Americans. They discussed their mission and the foundation they started in their son’s memory on NBC’s TODAY show on January 13. Total Spectrum Strategic Consultants Barbara Wiley Cosgriff and Alvin B. Jackson are honored to work with Dawn and Rick Collins to ensure the 2LT Richard W Collins III Foundation (The Foundation), delivers on its mission. The Foundation was established by the Collins family to honor the brief life of their son and to pursue justice on Richard’s behalf and on behalf of other families who have suffered a similar fate. During the period following Richard’s murder and the December 2019 trial of his murderer, the Foundation spearheaded two major legislative successes in the Maryland State Legislature.

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Opinion:  Congress has a duty to enforce foreign trade deals

November 12, 2020

Total Spectrum strategic consultant and former congressman Erik Paulsen shares his views on Congress's duty to enforce foreign trade deals in The Detroit News.

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