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This Week in Washington - January 28, 2019

January 28, 2019

Folks in Washington often speak of ‘tax extenders.’ We asked Jim Miller to explain what tax extenders are – and he has the cover article with his Miller Time. Al Jackson provides an update from the Pentagon. Steve Gordon ties last week together on the wall, the shutdown and later opening up of government, trade, and more in his Heard on the Hill. Dana Marston provides this week’s legislative calendar and looks into projected state tax revenue.

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TS Partner Jesse Weathington on Georgia’s Certificate of Need Regulations

September 20, 2018

Total Spectrum Georgia Director Jesse Weathington gave a presentation to the Georgia House Rural Development Council on certificate of need regulations. Weathington was invited to testify by the Council due to his extensive history with the issue and gave the council a description of how state-level regulations affect cost, quality, and access to health care services in rural and urban markets.

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McKechnie’s insights on new credit union regulator

June 19, 2018

Total Spectrum Senior Partner John McKechnie offered his insights on the nomination of JP Morgan Chase executive Rodney Hood for a second term on the National Credit Union Administration board. (Click for story from Bloomberg Law.)

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The Man Who Could Replace Scott Pruitt

May 4, 2018

Andy Ehrlich, Total Spectrum Partner, has known Andrew Wheeler for the last decade. He recruited Andrew from his Capitol Hill job and was asked by a reporter to offer his opinion on Andrew’s work experience and style as the second-highest ranking job at the Environmental Protection Agency. Today, Andy’s practice includes clients in the energy and environment sphere with issues before federal agencies.

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Gardner as Trump Scold? Why It Makes Sense — and Why It Doesn’t

January 29, 2018

For an exception to the rule that it doesn’t pay for a congressional Republican on the rise to cross President Donald Trump, the curious case of Senator Cory Gardner may provide the current best example. “He won by calling himself ‘a new kind of Republican,’ and so be it if that means being outspoken when he disagrees with the president,” said Steve Gordon, Total Spectrum’s Managing Partner, a long-time GOP operative, and veteran of Gardner’s 2014 campaign. “That’s just who he is, and fortunately for him it’s also good politics at home.”

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Credit Unions Should Remain Engaged on Republican Tax Plan

September 28, 2017

The much-anticipated GOP tax reform framework released yesterday does not offer much detail on how the cuts will be funded, leaving credit unions a bit concerned. "The section that deals with 'rules affecting specific industries' tells me we need to remain on our toes a little longer,” said John McKechnie, senior partner at Total Spectrum and long-time advocate for credit unions. “This is a process that is ongoing, and even though I'm optimistic and confident that credit unions will be unscathed, this is too important of an issue to sleep on."

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Todd Smith named among 2017’s Political Influencers for Georgia

May 15, 2017

Total Spectrum Partner Todd Smith is named as one of the most well connected lobbyists in Washington, D.C. for Georgia interests by James Magazine. Congratulations, Todd!

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TS Partner Blake Fulenwider discusses ACA’s future before Georgia Bar Association

April 19, 2017

At the invitation of the Georgia Bar Association, Total Spectrum Partner Blake Fulenwider spoke before their Health Law Section on April 18 to discuss the latest on repeal and replace of the Affordable Care Act. With a focus on Georgia, Blake discussed the state’s perspective on developments at the federal level as well as planning by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce with regard to Medicaid expansion. Blake is also slated to offer his thoughts on ACA repeal and replace on May 5, when he’ll speak at the American Academy of Pediatrics' Georgia Chapter spring meeting of pediatric nurses and practice managers associations. Click below for additional meeting details.

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News Around the Hill - Total Spectrum Expands into Georgia; Welcome Todd Smith and Blake Fulenwider

February 22, 2017

Good news gets around...! Word of Total Spectrum's expansion into Georgia and the addition of two new partners - Todd Smith and Blake Fulenwider - as noted in The Hill and Roll Call newspapers.

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Protecting Credit Unions’ Tax Exemption – enter Total Spectrum

February 9, 2017

With the GOP-led Congress considering tax reform, banks and credit unions will resume a decades-old battle over a tax exemption allowed for the member-owned, nonprofit cooperatives. Advocating on behalf of credit unions, Total Spectrum Senior Partner John McKechnie offers, “With a Republican Congress, with a Republican president, credit unions can make the case that, ‘You didn’t come here to raise taxes, you came here to lower them.’”

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