This Week in Washington, Georgia Edition - July 15, 2022

This Week in Washington, Georgia Edition - July 15, 2022

July 15, 2022

Congress returned to Washington this week. At the top of Senate Democrats’ to-do list is building a consensus on a slimmed-down Build Back Better bill against the backdrop of a spiking inflation rate and signs of a slowing economy.

In Heard on the Hill, Steve Gordon describes some of the major items that are being discussed for inclusion in this plan. He also talks about why Senate Democrats are revisiting a slimmed down version of this bill and why it could get even slimmer, and closes with some economic odds and ends.

Congressman Erik Paulsen was Chairman of the Congressional Joint Economic Committee as well as a member of the House Ways and Means Committee. Erik left last Friday for a trip overseas, but before he left he wrote a wonderful article entitled “Inflation and a Slowing Economy – What to do About Both.” He describes how inflation got loose, how it will impact consumers, and how the additional cost to the federal government of interest on the debt is going to dwarf major programs. Congressman Paulsen also suggested steps that would help to get our economy going again, and others that would do more damage. This week, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics released June’s inflation rate, which increased from 8.58% in May to 9.1%, a 41-year high. The impact of the new inflation rate will cause the Fed Fund rate, consumer interest rates, and debt payments by the federal government to be even higher than Erik discusses in his article.

Jesse Weathington gives us the latest in Georgia with his Gold Dome Report. Ramona Lessen monitored the July 12th Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee hearing on Advancing Public Transit under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act, and we’ve included her report in this edition. And, be sure to check out the Infographs on current hot topics.

Our colleague Erik Paulsen recently interviewed Lisa B. Nelson, the Chief Executive Officer of the American Legislative Exchange Council, for our newest episode of Total Spectrum Spotlight. ALEC is the largest non-partisan membership organization for state legislators and private sector representatives. In Spotlight, Lisa Nelson is introduced by Arizona’s Senate President Karen Fann, who also serves as ALEC’s current Chair. It’s certainly true that what happens in state legislatures is more vital than ever, so we think this interview is both timely and important. Be on the lookout for it when Total Spectrum Spotlight hits your inboxes early next week.