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Jesse Weathington brings to Total Spectrum more than 17 years of experience both in Georgia state government and as a private sector advocate.

He is one of Georgia’s rising stars and offers clients his extensive knowledge of healthcare policy and the budget process, as well as a deep understanding of Georgia politics. Jesse also provides his clients experience as an advocate who has successfully navigated Georgia government and helped shape public policy. He is a trusted advisor to many public officials and has an extensive network of contacts within the Kemp administration and among department heads, members of the General Assembly, and key decision makers across the state.

Jesse began his career as a member of the committee staff for the Georgia House of Representatives. Here he worked on numerous issues, including the first revision of Georgia’s Certificate of Need statute in decades and the largest reorganization of state government since Jimmy Carter was Governor.

He was then recruited to be Director of Legislative and External Affairs for the Department of Community Health (DCH). Jesse’s tenure there included the passage and implementation of the Affordable Care Act as well as spearheading an updated public health grant-in-aid funding formula for Georgia’s 159 counties – the first in over 35 years. He also instituted reforms to the constituent services and Medicaid eligibility processes.

Jesse returned to the state legislature as a Fiscal and Policy Analyst for the House Budget and Research Office, where he drafted the state budget across the spectrum of health and human services agencies and worked with every major industry and stakeholder group in the health care sector.

Since departing government in 2015, Jesse has achieved great success as a private sector advocate including passing major reforms to hospital financing and regulation, professional licensure, telemedicine policy, pharmaceutical regulations, Medicaid policy, and securing funding for clients through the budget process. He has also successfully defended client interests from hostile legislation each year. In addition to legislative victories, Jesse’s extensive background and contacts within agencies have allowed his clients to realize their goals administratively.

Jesse was named to Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan’s Task Force on Healthcare Access and Cost in August 2019, which will will pinpoint improvements that can be made to tackle the cost and access burdens to healthcare across Georgia. In 2020, Jesse was elected President of the Conservative Policy Leadership Institute (CPLI), a non-profit organization which recruits policy-oriented individuals who have demonstrated leadership experience and who desire an advanced issue-based education grounded in conservative thought.

Jesse attended the University of Georgia (UGA) and graduated from Georgia State University (GSU) with a bachelor’s degree in economics and a certificate in health policy. Jesse has long experience as a public speaker and regularly testifies before the various committees of the General Assembly. He is a recognized expert in health and human services and the state budget.