This Week in Washington - October 28, 2020

This Week in Washington - October 28, 2020

October 28, 2020

We decided to do a bonus This Week as a clean-up-and-button-down issue before next week’s elections. In Heard on the Hill, Erik Paulsen and I summarized ‘No Judge Left Behind’ and the successful confirmation of Justice Barrett. We also look at the reason why the COVID stimulus bill couldn’t happen before the election, what’s behind all the optimism about a COVID vaccine, the Congressional Review Act and how it could be used next year, and the outlook for a continued Republican Senate majority from the perspective of Republican strategists.

Al Jackson reports on prospects for defense appropriations over the next four years under a Trump or Biden Administration, and with a Republican or Democratic Majority in the Senate.

Total Spectrum Spotlight features part two of our interview with Neil Newhouse, co-founder of Public Opinion Strategies. Neil is an outstanding pollster with over 40 years of experience. He is a pro’s pro and a wonderful communicator. We had a wonderful response to part one of the interview, and I am sure you will find part two just as informative and interesting.

We will be back on November 11 with a look back at what happened and why in next week’s elections, and a look forward to the lame duck session and 2021. Stay safe.

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