This Week in Washington - November 20, 2019

This Week in Washington - November 20, 2019

November 20, 2019

There are not a lot of days left in this legislative year. Steve Gordon writes about what must pass, what should pass, and what will get pushed into next year in Heard on the Hill. Al Jackson has prepared an update on Defense and the Defense Appropriations.

Steve Gordon then presents an interview that he recently did with Richard Sawaya, who is the Vice President of the National Foreign Trade Council and Director of USA *Engage, a coalition that promotes alternatives to unilateral trade sanctions. Dr. Sawaya makes a strong case that sanctions are not effective.

Ramona Lessen, the Executive Director of our Washington office, has included the Congressional Committee hearing calendar for the week
of November 18th.

We’ll be off next week enjoying Thanksgiving with our families. We hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving too. We’ll be back the first week
of December with This Week.